The Professional Eyecare Center began as the optometric practice of Dr. Gilbert L. Hicks who came to Naperville in 1929. In addition to Dr. Hicks' Naperville practice he was an optometric scholar and educator who became the Dean of the Monroe College of Optometry in Chicago, Illinois. At the time of his death in 1951 at the age of 63 Dr. Hicks' practice was located at 124 S. Washington Street in Naperville. 

Shortly after the passing of Dr. Hicks, optometrist Frederick J. Boulton exercised his option and purchased Dr. Hicks' practice. Dr. Boulton had grown up in Naperville and in 1951 was practicing in Aurora, Illinois. Dr. Boulton had met Dr. Hicks when he was one of his students. Upon taking ownership of the practice Dr. Boulton moved the enterprise to a small rear second floor office at 218 S. Main Street in Naperville. A year or so later he moved the practice across the hall to the front second floor office at 218 S. Main Street. The practice remained in this location, the former apartment in the building that Joseph Naper had built in order to accommodate his ship's store until August of 1997. 

Dr. Butz purchased the practice in March of 1990. Dr. Butz met Dr. Boulton a few months earlier when Dr. Butz visited Dr. Boulton's office looking for a better employment opportunity. The timing was excellent as Dr. Boulton was at that time considering retirement. Within a couple of weeks the transfer had been arranged. 

Dr. Boulton had no employees other than himself. As such, Dr. Butz was required to practice three days a week in other locations in order to make ends meet. In time the practice grew until it was no longer necessary for Dr. Butz to obtain employment outside the office. Ultimately, in 1997 with the growth of both the practice and the downtown area it became necessary to move the office to its current location at 1112 S. Washington Street Suite 214.


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