I’m sorry for not providing an update for the past couple of weeks. Truthfully, there wasn’t much progress to share. The projected and somewhat optimistic construction timeline ran into the inevitable snag. In this case, our snag turned out to be in the ventilation system. Evidently, the ducting for the HVAC system needs to be reconfigured in a fashion that the City of Naperville will approve. How that reconfiguration was to be done was beyond the contractor, the heating and air-conditioning people, or the architect. As a result, we’ve been waiting for an engineer to design new plans that could be submitted for approval. Thankfully that plan was received this week. With any luck we’ll get the approval in a day or two and things should fall into place pretty quickly after that. What they have been able to do in the meantime is to get our flooring installed. As you can see from the picture, our new trendy carpet square flooring and linoleum in pretty well finished.



delayed but.png