As they say, “the only constant in life is change”.  They also say, “its kind of a long story”.  But the bottom line is that next year, as soon as our new space is ready; perhaps as early as February, probably no later than April, we will be moving our practice.  Don’t worry we won’t be moving far.  We will only be moving to the other side of the building. 

While I initially opposed the move, I am now very excited to get it done.  Our new suite is, in my opinion, the nicest in the building.  While not on the first floor, the suite has floor to ceiling windows that stretch the entire length of the unit.  On the other side of these two stories of glass is an open walkway with skylights.  Our reception, seating and display areas will all have a wonderful open and airy feel to them with an abundance of natural light.

Our new suite will also be considerably larger.  We will have a dedicated contact lens room, a dedicated eyeglass laboratory, and an additional examination room.  Our reception area, display room, and pretesting areas will all be considerably more spacious.   

Right now, our new suite doesn’t look like much.  As you can see from the pictures, it really looks like a disaster.  The entire space, which was previously an attorney’s office, is being completely gutted.  We will be starting from scratch!  In the past we adapted our previous locations to meet our needs.  Those spaces were satisfactory but always a compromise.  Now we are constructing an eye care office, which is first and foremost an optometric practice.  It should be great.  It should allow us to provide you, our loyal patients, with the best eye care experience possible.

Check in with us from time to time.  I will be posting updates as the work progresses. 

Happy Holidays,

Dr. Butz

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