Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re preparing for a presentation, running late for an appointment, or meeting someone special for the first time and out of the blue; your eyelid starts to quiver. You massage the eyelid. You pull on the eyelid. You squeeze the eyelids closed. Nothing helps. There is absolutely nothing you can do can make it stop. You are helpless and more than a little worried that people will notice. You are also a little concerned that this could be something really serious!


Well you are in good company. This is a fairly common problem and it is not terminal. The problem is that all of us have just a little bit of smooth muscle in our eyelids. This is the kind of muscle that lines your stomach or controls the size of your pupils. This is the muscle that your body uses subconsciously to regulate your heart rate, breathing and digestion among many other things. It’s not that your eyelids need subconscious regulation. But whether we like it or not, we all have some of this muscle in our eyelids. So when we get stressed, anxious, or pressured; we unwittingly stimulate the smooth muscle in our eyelids along with everything else that adrenaline stimulates.


When you know what the root of the problem is, the solution is obvious even if it isn’t necessarily easy. After all, you’re a bit anxious for a reason. Frequently it’s because you are out of your comfort zone. You still need to take that big test or make that good first impression. But now you should know what you should do. Calm yourself! Don’t take things too seriously. Take a deep breath and relax. A twitching eyelid actually is under your control.